The Fabulous Salami Brothers – Greatest Hits (1985)

I was working with the Fabulous Salami Brothers at Shetland Folk Festival in 1985 when the BBC said they were going to record it. We quickly designed a set without a lot of the visual material of fire-eating, juggling, escapology etc. We crammed it with songs for the radio. In the end the BBC didn’t want it, but it stands as one of the few recordings of the Salamis in action.

The line up here is Taffy Thomas, Richie 3-Balls Taylor, Mike Bettison and yours truly.

4 thoughts on “The Fabulous Salami Brothers – Greatest Hits (1985)

  1. Gail Williams says:

    Memories (mostly good) came flooding back, Jim. I’m also remembering the Appleby escapology fiasco “Is this King’s Cross?” Good songs really well sung – thanks.

  2. Su Evans-Turner says:

    I just had to listen to all of these all the way through. Loads of memories, not least of all the words! There they were, just where I’d left them. Thank you much for posting this.

  3. Stumbled on this tonight, great to hear those songs again!
    Carolyn (Lakeland Fiddler)

  4. Rob Whittington says:

    Made me jump, laugh and clap and so wanna be there. The video’s my memory but would love to see it all again.

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