Ghosts (1987)

01 Dangerous 02 I Talk Like That 03 Me & Betty 04 Men Dont Cry 05 Ghosts (Peadar Long) 06 We Are Safe 07 Dont Jump 08 You Know What I Mean 09 Ghost Story 10 Why Are You Dead 11 Broken Eyes

This started off as a solo album but I was working with Peadar Long at the time so we brought the show in off the road and did it in the studio. Couldnt believe my luck, Bob Ward and Paul Wickes came in as producer and keyboards. The arrangements are mainly Peadars work. I wanted it to be challenging musically and lyrically, which I think it is.

All songs written by Jim Woodland
Ghosts tune written by Peadar Long

Jim Woodland: Vocals and guitars
Peadar Long: Saxophones, flutes, effects and percussion
Paul Wix: Keyboards and drums
Bob Ward: Producer
Mike Benn: Engineer

Special thanks to Marylin Butcher, George Solomonides,Ian Spalding and Peter Faro

4 thoughts on “Ghosts (1987)

  1. Tony Bodinnar says:

    This was one of my all-time favourite albums and I’ve tried to get a copy for years. Thank you Jim for making it possible to hear these tracks again. An aural treat.

  2. Geoff Coope says:

    Jim….I have always loved this album. Every song is a cracker and the album should be in everyones collection. I particularly like Broken eyes.

    Geoff Coope (Spain)

  3. Greg Shone says:

    Greg Shone says
    A much belated well done. Therein do I find lirical substance but getting hold of you was probably just as difficult as passing an eleven plus! Nice one mate! Your album Ghosts is an inspiration to my idea of contemporary folk music.

  4. Mike Day says:

    Jim, It probably means not a lot, but I was working with Taffy Thomas and Marcel Steiner on a project in Barrow-in-Furness, and you did a gig – if I remember aright – in the local pub (The Strawberry) and you did a gig there. I was knocked out – especially by ‘We are safe’ – and spent what money I had on the album. It’s still a treasured possession. Thanks you, and bless you.

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