As I Was Saying (2000)

01 People Talk To Each Other 02 The Grapes Of Wrath  03 Blaming It All On You  04 Accidents Never Happen  05 Stranger In The Old Town  06 Rich And Famous  07 The Man In My Heart  08 Where In The World Is Heaven  09 The Trees Are Leaving England  10 Tired Of A Love  11 I Am The Media  12 Oh Yes You  13 Death Threats 

I was in the middle of recording this album when my voice packed in.
I came back after a break and thought the tracks were good enough to put out anyway. I added a few tracks and here it is.

Thanks to Steve Rose, Rob Gifford and Janet Russell for getting it started and grateful thanks to Chris Newman for helping me finish it.

2 thoughts on “As I Was Saying (2000)

  1. Dan Edwards says:

    Trees are leaving England – I remember this song. It reminds me of a Peter Mulvey album (Kitchen Radio is the particular record) that was recorded after Jim’s.

  2. Sylvia Merrett says:

    Thanks for freely sharing your songs Jim. I enjoyed your guest slot with Sisters Unlimited at Whitby.

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