16 thoughts on “Chat

  1. charlie mcdonagh says:

    hey Jim
    when is your cd going to be available again

  2. paulbrya says:

    Hi Jim,

    Good to hear you’re in fine voice after all the years. It’s been far too long since the Poly. Maybe we’ll catch up one day.



  3. Dave Stewart says:

    Hello Jim

    We really like your songs

    Please let us know when your are performing in 2014

  4. Janet Russell says:

    Jim Woodland will be at Sidmouth Festival this week on Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th August 2014. He will have a free short CD to give away advertising this website, and a new digitally remastered version of “As I Was Saying” which he will be happy to sell to anyone who would like one. He is also appearing at Whitby Festival again this year, 16th to 22nd August, and Towersey Festival Sunday 24th and Monday 25th August.

  5. cowsrjollynice says:

    Ok. Time I got seroius about this website. Had a great time at Sidmouth. Audiences were lovely and I had many wonderful conversations which made me think it would be good to start chatting on social media. I am very happy to be out there gigging and turning out the songs but also to compare ideas. Maybe with the new albums coming out, this is a good time to add a page of gig listings for the autumn and see how we go. If you are out there I’m in here. Apologies to anyone who got in touch and no reply. Turning over a new page!!!!


  6. paulbrya says:

    Sorry not to have been at Sidmouth Jim… I was down in Cornwall. Must still try to catch up one of these years. Was Henry Clements down there? All the best. Paul B.

    • Jim Woodland says:

      Hi Paul
      Good to hear from you. It would have been interesting to see you Sidmouth after all this time. I hope we do catch up. Please keep in touch and I’ll try to keep you informed where I am. I didnt see Henry either!
      I hope you are well.
      Best wishes

  7. theandybox says:

    Would like to. Purchase the tape or cd with the songs miracles and the room will sing and anything else you may have……also help run a small festival near Darley dale in derbyshire,last weekend in June…….2015…..might you be interested?

    • Jim Woodland says:

      Hi Andy, Certainly interested in Denby Dale. Do you want to let me have more details? 2 Albums available. ‘AsI was Saying’ and ‘’. I will send them to you as promos.
      Miracles album was on harbourtown as a tape. No copies left. I am considering putting it out as a CD if they will make the tapes available. Also I am now recording a new album out soon.

      Please make contacts and send me an address?

      Best wishes

      Jim Woodland

  8. iamnotprincehamlet says:

    Here are some photos of Jim which I took at Sidmouth Folk Week. If you’d like to use any of them, please contact me.

    Chris Knight

  9. Jim Woodland says:

    Just got back from a string of festivals. Sidmouth. Whitby. Towersey. Feeling really encouraged. Positive reactions all round building to a Great climax at Towersey on the main song stage. Sold a stack of albums too. And a lot of people wanted to chat about the songs. Then I was off to continue work on the new album with Steve Rose who worked with me on ‘As I Was Saying’. Watch this space for that one. Maybe a month away with luck. I’m going to continue working on this page so I hope to get some reactions. Big thanks to anybody who was there this summer ( and other summers).
    All the best

  10. Jim Woodland says:

    Doing a full evening of my songs at Bolton Socialist Club, Wood Street Bolton on the 6th December. Check out their website. See you there

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