Welcome to Jim Woodland’s Songs

Jim Woodland songwriter and performer. That just about sums up what I want this website to say.

Did street theatre and cabaret, wrote plays and shows for theatre companies and sketches for comedians. I’ve written every song thats been asked of me and I’ve been rewarded.

Looking back, it’s turned into a significant collection of songs and this website contains some of them.

Thanks to everybody, its been great. Busy boy. Watch this space.


http://www.facebook.com/jim.woodland.980                                                                                   Email: jimwoodland30@gmail.com                                                                                                    https://jimwoodland.bandcamp.com


10 thoughts on “Welcome to Jim Woodland’s Songs

  1. Uncle Tacko! says:

    Don’t grow up too quickly…

  2. Bill Prince says:

    I was looking for “Padlocks on the Dustbins” – that’s what you sang when I last saw you (Towersey in the ’80s)

  3. Sian says:

    Thank goodness! My c.d’s are so scratched I can’t play them anymore! Now I can listen to them on here 🙂

  4. GaryBridgens says:

    When I was a kid the careers advisor asked me what I wanted to be I advised him that I wanted to be a Fabulous Salami Brother.

    He told me to be a heavy goods vehicle driver for the army.

    I didn’t.

    Sanctuary was the first song I learned to play on the guitar, followed by Why Are You Dead. then Me And Betty.

    Ive loved, learned and lorded your songs all my adult life Jim.

    Great to have them saved here for ever!

  5. Polx says:

    Great to have you in my office Jim. x

  6. ianhm says:

    Hello Jim I hope that you are well. I was given your www address by somone on linkedin. Can you please have a look at my work and let me know please if you may be interested In any of it also I wooould appreciate any advise that you could give me.
    Many thanks
    Ian Morrison

  7. Dan E says:

    Jim Woodland, songs.
    Passing cities with our sighs.
    Have you another album to place
    Before us here, or perhaps
    On the road in one or other place.


  8. Derek says:

    Sidmouth: Thanks for the Miners’ concert and the discussion with Lester. Inspired and challenged by your songs, and your rich and varied history. Keep it going. See you with the Salamis at Towersey

    • cowsrjollynice says:

      Hi Derek. Good to hear from you. I really enjoyed both events. It was amazing to be made so welcome. I have been known to upset the odd person with my views and style. Off to Whitby now and then Towersey. Come and say hi at towersey. Looks like a bit of a party this year. Doing a ‘Meet Jim Woodland’ in the Hall. Maybe can pick up the threads from Sidmouth. Great conversations.
      Best wishes.

  9. Jim! Penelope here – Aussie lass who stayed with you and Janet a million years ago. I owe you royalties for a song of yours I recorded – could you please email me asap? Thanks!

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